"Nothing was working, it felt pretty hopeless"

01-07-2019 12:44
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Nothing was working, it felt pretty hopeless

Haas F1 driver Kevin Magnussen felt disappointed with the race in Austria on Sunday, as the Dane finished down in 19th after clocking the fifth-quickest time during qualifying just a day earlier.

It was a nightmare race for K-Mag, as the 26-year-old received a drive-through penalty for mispositioning his Haas on the starting grid, a rare penalty. Besides that, though, Magnussen dropped like a stone on the grid, being overtaken left and right by midfield cars.

At the end of the race, his pace was equal or at times worse than the Williams cars as he finished in 19th, behind the FW42 of George Russell.

“We didn’t have any pace today in the race after qualifying P5 yesterday," Magnussen said after the race.

"It’s disappointing after a very good day on Saturday.

"It’s strange, and very frustrating. Nothing was really working, it felt pretty hopeless. It’s really confusing.”

It certainly is confusing. We can't remember there ever being a car with a difference in performance this big between Saturday and Sunday.

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