Silverstone boss open to the idea of hosting in-season testing

26-06-2019 13:16
by Joseph Tyrrell
Silverstone boss open to the idea of hosting in-season testing

Silverstone boss, Stuart Pringle has admitted he'd be interested in hosting a potential in-season testing session from 2020 after teams discussed potential locations over the French Grand Prix weekend.

Bahrain and Spain have hosted the two in-season tests this season but with Spanish Grand Prix in jeopardy following the addition of the Dutch Grand Prix from next season Formula 1 is currently searching for hosts for the tests. This season, Bahrain and Spain held the tests after their respective races with the post-season Abu Dhabi test the only one left in 2019.

Silverstone is seen as one of a few candidates in Europe to host an in-season test and Stuart Pringle told that the possibility is certainly of interest.

"I have not heard about a test but we'd be keen to hold it," Pringle said.

"Clearly they won't test with us if we don't have a contract, and that's still the case."

Despite the Spanish Grand Prix not expected to be on the calendar, the Circuit de Catalunya president is still open to the possibility of hosting a session.

"I think it's a good event also," Vicenc Aguilera also told

"And we want to be the reference circuit for all the world championship. It's something that's an asset for us. And then we should use the asset as best as we can."


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