Brown thinks budget-cap for 2021 will help make the grid more competitive

17-06-2019 17:30
by Bobby Vincent
Brown thinks budget-cap for 2021 will help make the grid more competitive

McLaren CEO Zak Brown believes the budget-cap of $175m will allow the rest of the grid to get closer to the top three teams on the grid.

Brown also believes that the forced cut in how much money is outgoing from each team, will make the grid a lot more competitive. 

Following a meeting last week between Formula 1 and its major stakeholders, there has finally been an agreeement. There will be an annual budget-cap of $175m, spread over five seasons from the 2021 campaign to the end of 2025. 

Brown has told Auto Motor und Sport that he was not surprised by anything that featured on the document: "Nothing in the document was a surprise. We've been talking about these rules for quite some time.

"Of course, there are things that I would like to see done differently and I think others feel the same. But I cannot imagine that much will change. There is still fine-tuning to be done but it makes no sense to fight for changes where there will be no changes. That is wasted energy.

"(On the $175m budget-cap) It's still a big sum. The most important thing is to give the fans a good show. I do not think it takes so much money to do that. So why not let the 10 teams compete on a similar budget? That would make the sport less predictable, bring more surprises. In the end, the best teams will win.

"Look at IndyCar. The Penskes, Ganassis and Andrettis still win the championship. But they do not win all the races. There are now and then winners from other teams, and that's good for the sport. A lower budget would allow for that."

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