Formula 1 cost-cap to start from 2020 season

14-06-2019 10:03
by Bobby Vincent
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Formula 1 cost-cap to start from 2020 season

Four teams have been granted their request with the cost-cap coming into action in 2020 - with a "soft" cap and a "hard" cap the year later.

According to a report, despite a decision finally being agreed that the regulation changes would be made official at the end of October later this year, four teams - McLaren, Williams, Racing Point and Renault - have had their wish granted.

There was a meeting in France on Thursday, with members of all teams present. All parties then agreed to challenge any provisions of the Financial Regulations that had been shown to the teams already.

There were some small changes that needed to be made ahead of the final agreement - an increase/decrease of $1m per race if the Formula 1 calendar increases or decreases from its 21-race limit at the moment.

A "hard" cost-cap of $175m (per year) will be brought into play at the very beginning of 2021. The "soft" cap will be used throughout next year, so teams can get used to having a limit, but there will be no penalties in regards to expenditure next season.

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