Abiteboul aiming for "big push" ahead of French Grand Prix

05-06-2019 08:30
by Joseph Tyrrell
Abiteboul aiming for big push ahead of French Grand Prix

Cyril Abiteboul has been very frank in his admission of Renault's start to the season admitting the team need to "understand" what has been going wrong and make sure it is rectified by the time the team race at Paul Ricard.

Renault were the best of the rest in 2018 but are currently down in eighth, behind the likes of Haas, McLaren and Racing Point as they struggle for speed and reliability. 2019 was meant to be about closing the gap for Renault following the arrival of Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull, it appeared they had a partnership that could get the best out of the car.

With the French Grand Prix on the horizon, Cyril Abiteboul wants to put as much right as possible ahead of the race at Paul Ricard.

“There is a big push being done for Paul Ricard – not because it is Paul Ricard, it happens that we have a number of projects that will come out of production for Paul Ricard and then we will know where we are," Abiteboul told Sky Sports.

“But frankly we need to understand what’s not working at the level that we want with the car, but also within our organisation, as we’d like to be further ahead at this point in our journey.”

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