Lawrence Stroll is targeting a race win and wants to be "one of the best teams"

03-06-2019 09:00
by Louis Shaw
Lawrence Stroll is targeting a race win and wants to be one of the best teams

Lawrence Stroll has said that his plan for Racing Point is to become the "best team" and is targetting a race win before too long. The team are 5th in the constructor's championship and they will hope they can try and finish fourth this season if they are going to start winning races in years to come. 

“First we wanted to restore financial stability and give the engineers the means to develop the car,” he told La Presse“For now, we want to keep fighting in the middle of the pack, aiming for fourth place in the constructors’ standings.

"In the longer term, the goal is to become one of the best teams in the paddock and aim for victory,” Stroll added.

“The team certainly did not have all the funds necessary to prepare the car this year, so we knew that the first races would be difficult,” he said.

“But we will try to make changes faster than the other teams. Maybe not as fast as the big teams, but as fast as we can.”

Racing Point have a long journey ahead of them if they are to reach success in the near future. 

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