Max Verstappen's four key points to improve F1 in 2021

22-04-2019 12:03
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Max Verstappen's four key points to improve F1 in 2021

Red Bull Racing star Max Verstappen has pointed out four issues he thinks need improving in Formula 1 in 2021, when the regulations are set to be changed, as the Dutchman has pointers on almost every aspect of the current racing.

Verstappen is in his fifth full season of F1, despite only being 21 years old. He's been in the sport for almost every year of the turbo-hybrid era, where the difference between the teams at the top and the backmarkers has been bigger than ever.

Max thinks this needs to change, as do the tyres, as he thinks they need too much nursing.

"At the moment they are very sensitive and quickly overheat," he said at a press event from Jumbo, one of his sponsors.

"Then you will slide more and it is hard to follow others. So it is hard to fight during a race. DRS helps to get closer, but in the end, I do not want to depend on that.

"Also after a quick lap, you have to slow down to be able to do another one, because the tyres have to cool down and that takes way to long. It is the same during the race.

"You have to stay in a certain limit, otherwise the tyres overheat. I would like to drive a lot faster."

Verstappen also thinks cars and performance should be less dependant on the engines. This could be because he's been driving with Renault engines for several years with all the reliability issues in the world.

"At the moment there is too much of a difference between the engines. In the last couple of years the championship was mostly won by the team with the best engine.

"Generally you should keep that difference between the 20 or 30 horsepower."

Next on the list: toughness of the cars. Aerodynamics, and all the little parts on the car that come with it, can make them extremely sensitive and they can be easily damaged. 

"Regarding the aerodynamics, it does not have to go as fast for me. As long as we can race each other better," Verstappen, who is known for being more of an aggressive driver, continued.

"Or when you touch someone and something breaks off, that it will not cost half a second per lap.

"Now when you drive a little too fast over a kerb, half the bottom of your car breaks off and that is not what you want."

Lastly, Max hopes the field will be a bit tighter post-2021. 'The Big Three', Mercedes Ferrari and Red Bull, are the only ones who can realistically win a race as it stands, and the difference in budget and performance compared to the rest of the grid is massive.

"The difference from the third to the fourth team is almost a second, the is a big difference.

"I think the races would be much prettier if we could bring that all a bit close together."

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