Ferrari yet to be a "fair match" for Mercedes

19-04-2019 16:24
by Joseph Tyrrell
Ferrari yet to be a fair match for Mercedes

Sebastian Vettel believes Ferrari are yet to be a "fair match" for Mercedes but insisted the car is getting there, as the team look to break the leaders' one-two streak from the start of the season.

Having looked very strong in pre-season, Ferrari have struggled to match the Silver Arrows at the opening three races of the season with Charles Leclerc’s P3 in Bahrain AND Vettel’s P3 in China their best result to date. Mercedes meanwhile have made the best start to a season since Williams in 1992 despite not always being the fastest car on the grid.

"We're learning a lot, more than recent years in terms of what we're missing,” Vettel admitted to Sky Sports.

“It's good to get a lot of laps in a row to feel the car and hopefully soon we will be able to find what is causing, let's say the weakness at this stage, to catch up.

"I think we can be very happy with where we are on the engine side.

"[The performance] seems to be there somewhere but at the moment seems to be a bit more difficult to find where it is, to be able to be a fair match to Mercedes at this point,” added the German.

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