Renault dissapointed with Ricciardo: "Didn't give what is expected of him"

19-03-2019 13:42 | Updated: 19-03-2019 19:26
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Renault dissapointed with Ricciardo: Didn't give what is expected of him

Renault team principal Cyril Abiteboul is disappointed by the performance of driver Daniel Ricciardo, who retired in his first race for the French team, as Abiteboul expected more from the seven-time Grand Prix winner.

Ricciardo made the controversial switch from Red Bull Racing to Renault after the 2018 season, a move which was widely regarded as a step down. 

In Australia, Danny Ric's home Grand Prix, he finished behind new teammate Nico Hülkenberg in qualifying in P12. At the start of the race, the Aussie then went onto the grass at the start of the race and blew his front wing clean off, immediately ruining his chances of getting a result.

"To be honest, I can't say that Daniel gave what is expected of him, from a driver who won races, at least after this weekend that was the first with us," Abiteboul told Motorsport.

"It was a weekend mainly composed of bass, apart from a few flashes of excellent performance from him and the car in free practice. But in free practice, we know, there is nothing at stake and nothing matters".

"We all have to do better. As always we say it's a learning curve. When you change drivers, you have to take a few steps back before stepping forward. Here's what's happening to us."

John van Beek +62 19-03-2019 15:28
Maybe Riciardo is taking revenge @ Renault.
Last year Renault fucked him being bad in quality and reliability.
Charles Clement +84 19-03-2019 15:39
Why is he saying this so early. Dumb move.Ferrari lost the first race,and as a Ferrari fan I am not happy either,but Ferrari won the first race more than once,then went down hill from there,so I hope this time they will be moving up hill.
Bert40 +16 20-03-2019 19:09
Because Abiteboul is a bad leader with a bad communication. Here in France we're so many wishing he gets fired at last..
dailygrind +94 19-03-2019 16:12
This is way too early to be criticizing anyone in public, that's so ridiculous. You don't tear down a new driver after the first race, so unnecessary. This should be an internal conversation and not a press release, That's the difference in that team though and Ricciardo isn't used to this culture; Red Bull was way different and man, will he miss the 'good old days' quickly...
Paul Letsch +41 19-03-2019 16:22
Very typical of someone acting under pressure: Abiteboul is diverging the attention to others rather than himself. He will not last the season I reckon.
Bert40 +16 20-03-2019 19:12
He should have left Renault 2 years ago, Vasseur was the right person, or at least a much better person for this job than him. Abiteboul is bad for Renault.
Moon Mack +70 19-03-2019 17:22
Too early to judge I personally blame the design of the track which should be smooth and level at least 6 meters adjacent to the tar consider it a run off area
blackdog +45 20-03-2019 12:16
Typical Curil Abiteboul doing his dirty laundry in public and slagging Daniel off immediately. How terribly French!
Danny was unlucky. Normally you can go on the grass if you need to avoid another car without losing your front wing. Maybe Melbourne should deal with that issue for next year.
Joel Allan Santos Velayo +0 20-03-2019 14:07
Its the opposite, new drivers must make a step forward, not backward!
Bossarjay +1 22-03-2019 02:57
It's only the first race and too early to comment about your driver in public. Maybe he now knew he made a mistake crossing over?
Jurgen En Jeanette Hennes +0 23-03-2019 22:07
Appart from Abiteboul being a 'poor' leader, the Renault team informing the public to improve since August 2018 and up to now nothing has happened? Is it worth to support this team any more??

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