Lewis Hamilton's new dream: "I'd love to try a MotoGP bike"

10-03-2019 10:55
by Matt Gretton
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Lewis Hamilton's new dream: I'd love to try a MotoGP bike

Is Lewis Hamilton thinking about making a move to MotoGP? The five-time world champion claims it's his "dream" to test a MotoGP bike. Hamilton put mileage on a Yamaha World Superbike R1 during the summer but insists he needs more work before taking on a bigger challenge.

Monster Energy, who sponsor Hamilton and Yamaha MotoGP team is pushing for a ride swap with Valentino Rossi and Hamilton. Such an event would copy the style of Fernando Alonso and Jimmie Johnson's event last year.

Mercedes driver Hamilton was present in Qatar for the opening qualifying session of the season. While watching, he was quizzed by Motorsport. It sounds like he wants to give MotoGP a go.

“100 per cent I'm going to ride one, I'm building up to it. I need more days [on a bike] firstly because I've only had two-and-a-half kind of days on the track, but eventually, I'd love to try a MotoGP bike. That's the dream," he said.

“I watch it every weekend it's on. Even when I'm on a grand prix weekend, I'm jumping out of my meetings before and after [F1] qualifying so I can watch the qualifying here.”

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