Raikkonen backs Leclerc to fit in at Ferrari

14-02-2019 14:52
by Louis Shaw
Raikkonen backs Leclerc to fit in at Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen believes that Charles Leclerc's transition into Ferrari will be easy as he has been around the team for a few years. Leclerc and Raikkonen have swapped cars for 2019 and it thought that Leclerc will be able to push Vettel harder than Raikkonen did. 

“He [Leclerc] knows the team because he’s been with Ferrari for quite a few years now, so you know, it’s not like he is going in a new place," Raikkonen commented to Motorsport.com.

“You know, it [Ferrari] is a special place to be. It’s a bit of hassle at certain times, but that’s how it’s always been, and it’s easier [for him] not to get involved in too many things and just do what he is hired to do.

“Often we are used to things being done [in a certain way], but at Ferrari sometimes it is a bit [different]," the 2007 world champion continued.

“If that doesn’t disturb you, it’s good. Don’t get involved and then just do what they ask you but because he knows the people it should be quite easy and smooth.”

“I think I read it the same like everybody else,” he said. “Or actually I didn’t read. My mom’s boyfriend asked me 'did you see?' I said 'no' because we were in Finland, and not interested to see any news.

“I had no idea, and now I have no idea [about] reasons and [it’s] not my business to know either and to get involved.”

Raikkonen will enjoy his time more at Alfa Romeo where there is less pressure on the drivers from the team. 

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