Ocon believes Mercedes will not forget him

22-01-2019 09:12
by Adam Newton
Ocon believes Mercedes will not forget him

Esteban Ocon is set for a strange year. One of Formula One’s brightest stars is without a seat, but next year he could be parachuted into possibly the most coveted on the grid.

The Frenchman lost his Racing Point seat to Lance Stroll, and was unable to find another drive, with the details in his Mercedes contract limiting his options.

We’ve seen drivers in the past say that they’re going to take a year out, but then they never return, but Ocon believes it will be different for him.

He told Autosport: “I’m lucky, that’s a positive to have the massive support from Mercedes.

“Even in difficult times they remember my potential and what I’ve done. That’s different to other junior programmes in F1.

“Mercedes remember, they don’t leave you alone, they keep supporting you and believe in your potential.”

So Esteban, see you in 2020?

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