Stella would correct Verstappen after driving Austria though

Stella would correct Verstappen: 'We won't back up drivers at any cost'

6 July at 20:00

Andrea Stella called on the stewards after the Austrian Grand Prix to punish fouls such as those committed by Max Verstappen. Verstappen and Red Bull seem to care little about McLaren, but Stella is very pleased with the FIA's response.

Max Verstappen did not want to speak about McLaren after qualifying in England. Verstappen and Lando Norris had put the duel behind them, and what Zak Brown and Andrea Stella thought of it was of little interest to Verstappen.

Where Stella called on the stewards to take action against driving behaviour like Verstappen was displaying, Verstappen revealed that there had been no discussion in the drivers' meeting about moving under braking. Nevertheless, Stella is satisfied with what he has heard from the FIA, he revealed in response to a question from GPblog.

''We are happy because I think the FIA have expressed their opinion about what happened in Austria. We are satisfied that this opinion confirms that our understanding straight after the race was correct and during the race to some extent. But during the race, you are not in a condition to influence very much, because you can't even talk to the stewards. But our understanding was confirmed by the FIA, who will have obviously reviewed internally and might have updated their interpretation." 

Stella reacts to Verstappen's actions

''I think we all came to the conclusion that a warning should have been given to Max if not a black and white flag. This would have prevented an escalation that led to the collision.''

Above all, Stella also maintains that Verstappen and Red Bull do not need this kind of actions to win races. ''I already commented about Red Bull straight after the race. I said that we have so much respect for Red Bull, so much respect for Max. They don't need to do that. That was my comment. My comment still stands.''

''After that, I focus on how we go racing. I would like to think that we just want to get what we deserve. we want to make sure that we race within the regulations and in a respectful way, it's always tough when you are on track. So for us as a team, we want to make sure that this is applied by our drivers. And if we see that our drivers go outside this range, which is the correct range to be within, then we will definitely help our drivers understand that that was not right, rather than back them up at all costs," with Stella referring to Zak Brown's earlier statement that Red Bull is doing everything to win and would also encourage Max Verstappen's behaviour correctly.