Ricciardo reveals who his best friend on the grid is

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Ricciardo tells who his best friend on the grid is
13 May at 09:00
  • Renate van Holst

In an interview with Formula 1 Daniel Ricciardo talks about his best friends both on and off the grid and what his proudest moment in the sport is.

Ricciardo on his proudest moment

Daniel Ricciardo has had an impressive career. He made his debut with Hispania in 2011 and has achieved a lot since then. Ricciardo's proudest moment is hard to choose. "I think the first win is one, because it’s something you dream of. Until you do it you’re not fully, fully convinced that you can," the driver told Formula One.

"But also Melbourne, my first year with Red Bull [in 2014], nearly getting pole, qualifying on the front row and getting second there. Okay, it got taken away [due to disqualification], but I think just kind of performing at home under the pressure, and pressure with a new team. It was like a big weight off my shoulders, so I was quite proud of that weekend. "

Ricciardo was also asked who his best friend on the grid is. Apart from his manager Blake Friend, former teammate Lando Norris is high on the list, despite their friendship being a bit strained in the beginning.

"Lando [Norris] is one where like, our first year at McLaren, it definitely took us a little bit of time to probably get to know each other and warm to each other a bit. But Lando visited Perth and came out to my farm in January. He was travelling a bit and he was like, ‘Can I come and visit for a few days?’ I was like, ‘Sure’. It’s kind of nice just hanging out with him."

This article was written in a collaboration with Sophia Crothall.