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Verstappen not a fan of racing on street circuits

Verstappen opposes possible new race: 'Cars don't come into their own at all'

17 April at 14:00
  • GPblog.com

One of the topics of discussion at the last Japanese Grand Prix was a possible race in Osaka, on a street circuit. This new venue would then replace the well-known Suzuka Circuit, where the Japan Grand Prix has long been staged. This will be from 2030 onwards. In any case, Max Verstappen hopes these rumours do not become reality.

The Dutchman usually does not particularly like street circuits and emphasised this again recently when the possible race in Osaka was discussed. "I just don't like street circuits very much. In general, I find it less exciting than a normal circuit," stated the three-time Formula 1 world champion.

Verstappen cynical about street circuits

Verstappen further explains his stance: "A Formula 1 car does not come into its own at all on a street circuit. They are far too big, far too wide and too heavy. It does sometimes disappoint in terms of spectacle too, if you have three safety cars or build a straight three kilometres long," he said. The Limburger also caused a stir in an earlier press event by saying 'I won't be there then anyway' when asked about a street race in Osaka.