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Marko on disagreement between Verstappen and Lambiase

Marko laughs at Verstappen and Lambiase: 'There was the married couple again'

7 April at 17:00
Last update 7 April at 17:01

It happened again: Max Verstappen and his engineer Gianpiero Lambiase had a disagreement. Helmut Marko laughs about the situation to Motorsport.com.

Verstappen had requested an adjustment to his front wing. Lambiase felt this would not be the best option, but the Dutchman stood firm. During the race, the Red Bull driver then complained that he went from understeer to oversteer and that the front wing adjustment needed to be adjusted. Lambiase responded, "I won't say 'I told you so', but..." Afterwards, Verstappen admitted his mistake.

Marko laughs at Verstappen and Lambiase

Marko also got into the altercation and points to an earlier statement he made: "There was the old married couple again. Before that, they had a long discussion about how many clicks to change the front wing. Max stood his ground, which made Gianpiero happy that he turned out to be right at the end!"

However, Red Bull Racing's top advisor stresses that Verstappen and Lambiase are very experienced, combined with the data engineer. The engineers know what the Dutchman wants with the car said the Austrian.