Ricciardo lashes out at people calling VCARB only RB: 'Unfair'

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ricciardo calls team only VCARB: 'only right'
24 February at 15:00
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A number of notable and distinct team names have been registered this season. Visa Cash App RB (VCARB) is one of them. Several names have already been used for that team by the media. VCARB driver Daniel Ricciardo thinks this is disrespectful towards their main sponsor.

The former AlphaTauri has undergone a complete rebranding. Apart from having all kinds of new staff, the team's sponsors and, hence, the name has changed considerably. The team is now called Visa Cash App RB. The Italian racing team have already stated that it may be shortened to VCARB, but some media outlets now just make it RB.

VCARB driver Daniel Ricciardo, who filled in for Nyck de Vries halfway through last season, thinks the team, and thus its sponsor, should just be called by its full name. After all, they make it possible for the team to be on the grid. So he knows the team's name all too well.

Ricciardo is loyal to the long team name

"I know when people say, ‘Oh, what, what kind of name is that?’ And I think people also have to remember that Visa Cash App RB are helping us go racing. All of our sponsors are. And this is part of us getting performance on the car developments. And so without partners like this, then maybe we don't have the performance and the success that we do. So it's only fair that at least I call them Visa Cash App RB. I know some people, it might feel a little long, but I will call them that, so it's up to you."