Furious Verstappen "could've done damage to someone" after Mexican GP pole loss

08-11-2018 17:50
by Bobby Vincent
Furious Verstappen could've done damage to someone after Mexican GP pole loss

Max Verstappen has revealed he "could have done some damage to someone" after narrowly losing out to his Red Bull team-mate Daniel Ricciardo in the battle for pole position in Mexico.

Verstappen had dominated every practice session and most of the qualifying session in Mexico; but Ricciardo managed an incredible lap at the end, which topped Verstappen's time.

Jos Verstappen, Max's father, said earlier last week that the narrow lost pole position was even worse for his son, who had to watch Ricciardo's celebrations.

"He was irritated because he missed out on pole and because of the car (blamed an engine problem), but also because of Ricciardo's exuberance celebrating pole," Jos told Motorsport.com.

Max was speaking ahead of the Brazil Grand Prix this weekend - the Dutchman denied speculation he was angered by Ricciardo's celebrations but did amit his fume about losing the pole position.

"I was mainly very angry because of the problems I had with my engine during qualifying," Verstappen told the media. "That weekend, I was clearly fastest, but for 75 seconds I wasn't. I was literally pissed off.

"And of course every little thing that comes with it makes me even more angry. I wouldn't even say it... but I could literally do some damage to someone if somebody would say something wrong to me after qualifying, that angry I was. Every little thing makes it worse."

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