What does Marko think of the whole show in Las Vegas? 'You have to give it a chance'

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marko looks ahead to las vegas grand prix 2023
15 November at 13:30

Helmut Marko is curious to see how the Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend will unfold. The Red Bull Racing advisor looks ahead with OE24.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix will be a spectacular one. That seems certain. But will it also be a good GP? Because the race takes place in the late evening/night, it cools down considerably - and so does the tarmac - in the American gambling city. Pirelli's tyres are not made to race at these temperatures, so it remains to be seen how it will go.

Luck of the draw: the forecast says it will not be as cold as initially feared. Around qualifying and the race, it is expected to be around 10 degrees. "That's [cold] enough, it hasn't been that cold at any Grand Prix this year. The track is new and we have no experience with asphalt temperatures and so on. These are completely new conditions for the set-up and so on."

Is Marko a fan of all the glitz and glamour in Las Vegas and the whole show Formula 1 tries to make of it? "I'm the wrong person to talk about that. But you have to give it a chance with all that glamour. I'll have a look at the whole thing, ask me for my verdict afterwards."

Las Vegas Street Circuit

Marko thinks the Las Vegas Street Circuit is a bit like Baku. "I am curious to see what effect the long straights will have in reality," he continued to the Austrian medium. "Since there will be no other racing classes, we can expect a strong track evolution over the weekend."

Finally, the 80-year-old Austrian says of Perez's lead in the World Cup over Hamilton: "Checo has a 32-point lead over Hamilton, which should actually be enough..." If the Mexican comes second in the world championship, it would be Red Bull Racing's first ever one-two in the World Championship in Formula 1.