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'Red Bull Racing and Norris have held talks over seat for 2024'

'Red Bull Racing and Norris have held talks over seat for 2024'

26-10-2023 07:47

Red Bull Racing and Lando Norris have been in talks over a 2024 contract. However, the Brit would ultimately have preferred a more extended stay at McLaren, F1 journalist Joe Saward reported.

Sergio Perez's future at Red Bull Racing and in Formula 1 will be discussed ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix. Earlier, rumours surfaced that Perez might announce his retirement, but those rumours were already debunked by Red Bull to GPblog. Still, it is no secret that Perez needs to perform better to keep his seat.

Talks between Norris and Red Bull Racing

As such, Red Bull is said to have set an ultimatum. Perez must finish second in the world championship to keep his spot. In that respect, Perez was helped by Lewis Hamilton's disqualification in the United States and DNF in Qatar, otherwise the gap would have been even smaller now. So the stakes are high for Perez in the last four races.

Still, there are doubts about Perez's replacement. Daniel Ricciardo has been mentioned, but he will first have to perform better alongside Yuki Tsunoda to be seriously considered. Helmut Marko is said to have reservations about a Ricciardo return, while Christian Horner is only too happy to see his pupil return.

Yet Red Bull are also looking at other options. For instance, experienced F1 journalist Joe Saward reports in his blog that Red Bull did hold talks with Lando Norris. According to Saward, Norris has chosen to stay at McLaren after a few talks. The main reason would have been McLaren's current upward trajectory.