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Organisers of Mexican GP make an appeal: 'Be respectful to Verstappen'

Organisers of Mexican GP make an appeal: 'Be respectful to Verstappen'

25-10-2023 19:30

Organisers for the Mexico Grand Prix hope fans will behave towards Max Verstappen and Helmut Marko. #Racepect should ensure that Mexicans will behave less negatively than they did in America.

After the US Grand Prix, loud boos rang out when Max Verstappen entered the podium. This did not get any better during the Dutch national anthem, when 'Checo, Checo' was also loudly chanted. Verstappen was miffed, but the organisers in Mexico are doing all they can to prevent it.

Call to protect Verstappen and Red Bull

"Based on what we have seen in several races over the past few years, we have created the #racepect campaign. This is not a message to Mexicans or Mexican fans, but simply a call because we have seen unfortunate statements and attitudes in recent years and during the current championship," Rodrigo Sanchez, marketing and public relations director of the Mexican GP, told Esto.

"I think that if the drivers do not behave like this next to the track, then we, the ones who are not in the car, should take an example from them and not show certain behaviour. Be an example that F1 can live with a lot of passion but also respect and that it can go very well together. Mexico should be a safe country, where every fan from all over the world is welcomed with open arms," Sanchez concluded his appeal.

Funnily enough, it is the Mexican newspaper Esto that, in the piece itself, pulls up some more arguments to reignite the fire. According to the paper, the feud between Perez and Verstappen is said to have arisen because Verstappen was strategically favoured by Red Bull Racing in 2022, and the moment during the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix is also once again brought up as an example of the deteriorating relationship.