e.dams confirm Toro Rosso are in for Albon next season!

22-10-2018 18:56
by Matt Gretton
e.dams confirm Toro Rosso are in for Albon next season!

Alexander Albon Ansusinha was about to pen a three-year deal with the Formula E team Nissan e.dams. But when Helmut Marko discovered the deal, he called it off. The 22-year-old driver may well have been offered the remaining Toro Rosso seat for 2019.

Brendon Hartley has been fighting for the seat in the second half of the season. But with e.dams boss Jean-Paul Driot leaking some news, it now looks super likely that Albon will be partner Daniil Kvyat next season.

"It came out of the blue. We are very frustrated with DAMS and Nissan e.dams because as far as DAMS is concerned and Formula 2 is concerned, we have done a lot financially in order to assist Alexander Albon racing," he said in an interview on Grandprix247.

“We gave him a good car because the year before the team he was with, he didn’t really perform well, but with us, he has shown how very quick he is, which I never doubted. We signed him to a three-year contract, we helped him to develop and to polish his image, now Toro Rosso arrived with Dr Marko to say that he wanted to have Albon in his team.”

“We are negotiating with Toro Rosso, Nissan have top management who were not really happy, as you can imagine, very unhappy because we had signed him for three years. But we are trying to find a solution,” added Driot.

Who knows how this will pay out. But by the sounds of Hartley, the seat is still available. Check out his fighting talk here!

The grid for the 2019 season has just two available seats. The empty seat at Toro Rosso is joined by a Williams cockpit.

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