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Pirelli introduces new tyre in Japan; also a test in Mexico

Pirelli introduces new tyre in Japan; also a test in Mexico

19 September - 11:53 Last update: 13:53

Tyre supplier Pirelli will introduce a new tyre at the Japanese Grand Prix: the updated C2. Teams will have the opportunity to test out the new rubber during Friday's free practice sessions, Mario Isola told Pirelli's own preview.

The Italian tyre supplier describes Suzuka as a "thrilling and challenging track, which will be as demanding for the tyres as it is for the drivers." As the track demands a lot from the rubber, the teams have three compounds at their disposal. The hards are the C1, the mediums the C2 and the softs the C3.

During the free practice sessions on Friday, the teams may drive the updated C2, which should fit better between the C1 and C3. The current C2 is not seen as a good middle ground. If the updated version is liked, this tyre may return as a permanent C2 next year.

Extra test in Mexico

To test the rubber, each driver will be given two sets, meaning drivers will not have 13 sets of tyres this weekend, but as many as 15. In Mexico, Pirelli will test a new C4, also this test is with a view to the next F1 year.

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