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F1 engine parts overview midway through 2023 F1 season

Engine parts mid-season overview | Who should fear grid penalty?

25 July at 15:00
Last update 25 July at 15:23
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F1 teams are bound by a maximum number of engine parts per car that they can use in a season. In this overview, you can see per driver how much of each engine part has already been used. So you can see who is up against a grid penalty. Charles Leclerc already received one. Max Verstappen seems safe for now

What are the limits?

A driver is allowed to replace the following engine parts four times: internal combustion engine (ICE), turbocharger (TC), MGU-K, MGU-H. At the beginning, the FIA set the limit at three for the parts, but during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend this was increased to four. The control electronics (CE) and battery (ES) may only be renewed twice. Finally, F1 teams are also allowed to replace the exhaust system (EX), this may be done a maximum of eight times in the 2023 season.

At halfway through 2023 F1 season

As 11 races have been run, it is now easy to see in the overview which driver will possibly make it without a grid penalty. This is a practically almost impossible scenario, but at the moment a few teams are in good shape. Like Aston Martin with the Mercedes engine. The team is still on track in terms of almost all engine components not to go over the limit until the last race. With Oscar Piastri, Logan Sargeant and Lewis Hamilton, you can see further evidence that the Mercedes engine is a reliable machine.

The energy store (ES) and control electronics (CE) remain a thorny issue. Almost every driver is already at his tax and some over it. So even for Max Verstappen, a grid penalty is looming in the second half of the season. That will automatically make for an interesting catch-up race. As for ES and CE, only the Alfa Romeo's and the Haas cars are still somewhat in the green

Overview of engine parts per driver midway through F1 season 2023

DriverEngineICE (x4)TC (x4)MGU-H (x4)MGU-K (x4)ES (x2)CE (x2)EX (x8)
Max VerstappenRBPT3333224
Sergio PerezRBPT3333334
Charles LeclercFerrari3333344
Carlos SainzFerrari3333224

Lewis Hamilton

George RusselMercedes3333224
Pierre GaslyRenault4444225
Esteban OconRenault3333225
Lando NorrisMercedes3333225

Oscar Piastri


Valtteri Bottas


Guanyu Zhou


Fernando Alonso


Lance Stroll


Kevin Magnussen


Nico Hulkenberg


Daniel Ricciardo


Yuki Tsunoda


Logan Sargeant


Alexander Albon