Hamilton "definitely going to be driving" in F1 with new designs in 2021

14-09-2018 08:02
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Hamilton definitely going to be driving in F1 with new designs in 2021

After Ross Brawn gave us a look what F1 cars will look like in 2021, Lewis Hamilton has taken to his Instagram to express his approval of the concept, saying he definitely will want in the new cars, although he did make a small request...

The concept, shown in the picture above, certainly has a futuristic look. With the 18-inch wheels, the high front wings and the overall more aerodynamic look, the 2021 car looks easy on the eye (in our opinion).

The helmet is more visible through the halo, which will also be modified to be better-looking after initial criticism earlier this year. 

Hamilton, at 33, was seemingly impressed on his Instagram, saying he'll "definitely be driving if cars look like this" in 2021. He'll be 36 once that time comes around, and many people have doubted how long the Brit will stay in F1 as he gets older, as he has many other interests outside of the sport. It's nice to hear a design like this can make him stick around.

Although he did have a request, which we think a lot of people will agree with. 

"Just please bring a V12 or V10 back" the four-time champion said. While this is very unlikely to happen, Liberty Media did acknowledge that the F1 will have better-sounding cars in 2021. It won't be the screaming of the V12 or the symphony of the V10, but striving for better sound is always a good thing!

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