Ross Brawn reveals concept of F1 cars in 2021!

13-09-2018 08:35
by Matt Gretton
Ross Brawn reveals concept of F1 cars in 2021!

Ross Brawn has revealed how an F1 car could look in 2021! The new front wings, which will be installed next season, modification to the halo and bigger wheels can all be seen on the prototype. The cars will change significantly following big changes to the regulations.

Earlier in the week, Brawn announced that the cars will look tougher and faster. With the change of front wing design, cars are expected to be able to run much closer to each other. This is hoped to aid overtaking.

The Halo would also undergo a considerable change by 2021, with a much longer (and thinner) bar in the middle. The usefulness of the part turned out to be during the Belgian Grand Prix this year. Nevertheless, the FIA indicated that it wanted to look at possible modifications to the component to make it appear less present.

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