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Perez faces challenge: 'We are going to pay the price for my mistake'

Perez faces challenge: 'We are going to pay the price for my mistake'

28 May - 13:20 Last update: 14:15

Red Bull Racing starts the Monaco Grand Prix with one driver in the best position possible, and the other in the worst possible spot on the grid. During the parade lap prior to the start, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez look ahead to the race ahead of them.

Presumably, a completely different race awaits the two Red Bull drivers. For Perez, it will mainly be about damage limitation, but given the limited overtaking opportunities, he seems to face a tough task. For Verstappen, a good start and pit-stop strategy will be crucial, but the race itself should not be underestimated either, according to the reigning world champion.

Verstappen and Perez look ahead

"It's a very long race. A lot of laps and the walls are super close. So you have to be always fully on it, fully focused, and that makes it really tough. People always say how the race is the easy part, but it's still tough. Of course, we know that it's hard to pass around here, but it's also easy to make a mistake," Verstappen told

Perez is likely to face a tough race from last place. "It's going to be very difficult to do that today, but we will try, we will try to get there and try to get some free air will be key for us," he stated. "It's going to be a very difficult race for us. We're going to pay the price for my mistake from yesterday. But yeah, we will just give it all."