Verstappen to Mercedes? 'He's not doing that purely for the money'

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Peter Windsor surprised at idea of Verstappen at Mercedes

With all the internal problems at Red Bull Racing, many rumours are circulating that Max Verstappen is looking for a way out. However, former team manager and current F1 analyst Peter Windsor does not believe any of these stories.

Windsor surprised by Verstappen's switch to Mercedes

With all the rumours and the departure of Adrian Newey at Red Bull, the end of the Austrian racing stable's dominance seems imminent. Yet Peter Windsor is not convinced Verstappen would leave Red Bull. "Why would Max go to Mercedes?", asked Windsor on his livestream on YouTube. Windsor doesn't believe Verstappen would make a move purely for the money.

"What does Mercedes have that Red Bull doesn't have? Neither have Adrian Newey, at least Red Bull have the momentum of Newey and they have a really good set-up which Newey created," Windsor explained. According to Windsor, Verstappen would, therefore, not go to Mercedes because of hopes of a better car. "Mercedes is a mess," he said.

According to Windsor, if Verstappen were to consider a switch to another team, he will choose the team that can offer him the best car, not the most money. Although Windsor admits that money can sometimes play a role. "I have been shocked a million times in the last four or five years by all the decisions that have been made. It seems I can hardly predict anything anymore."