Ralf Schumacher is 100% sure: 'Verstappen is going to leave Red Bull'

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Nail-biting statements by Ralf Schumacher
2 May at 11:00

Adrian Newey is to leave Red Bull Racing, the constructor announced on Wednesday. Ralf Schumacher thinks Max Verstappen, partly due to Newey's departure, will eventually leave Red Bull. Schumacher previously indicated that Red Bull is "going to disappear into mediocrity" in about two years' time.

Schumacher: 'Verstappen will leave Red Bull'

There have been many rumours in recent months about a move by Verstappen to Mercedes, but so far no concrete news has come out about a move by the Dutchman to team principal Toto Wolff's team. Schumacher thinks he is certain that Verstappen will have had enough at Red Bull once, and then leave.

In a video at Formel1.de, Schumacher talked about the Dutchman's future. "Max Verstappen is going to leave the team. Along with other good engineers who are guaranteed to go elsewhere, some of them with Adrian Newey. I don't know if it will be next year, or the year after, but for me it is certain that he will leave Red Bull."