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Stroll no longer wants to talk about Ricciardo incident in china

Stroll no longer wants to talk about Ricciardo incident: 'Was unfortunate'

3 May at 08:56

All eyes were on Lance Stroll after the Chinese Grand Prix after a particularly clumsy clash with Daniel Ricciardo. The Canadian was not paying attention at the end of a safety car procedure and drove into the back of Ricciardo's VCARB. Ricciardo, who had to end his race early, was irritated, especially after Stroll blamed him for the accident, which made the Australian's 'Blood boil'.

Ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, Ricciardo had not yet forgotten the incident. Stroll didn't want to dwell on the incident, as he said: "Yeah, I mean, it's history now. I'm focused on this weekend. I don't really want to go too much into detail about it. It was unfortunate, for sure. I was also trying to have a good race, and it was a very unfortunate ending to it, but just focused on Miami now," said the Canadian.

Stroll and Ricciardo have talked to each other

At least Stroll admitted to talking to Ricciardo one-on-one about the collision: "Not for this room. You know, those things are done behind closed doors," said Stroll when asked whether or not the pair have cleared the air.

As thus stated himself; Stroll is hoping for a better race in Miami. The Canadian is looking to chip away at the gap with teammate Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard already has three times as many points as Stroll. "I hope we are stronger this weekend. The teams ahead of us have been very strong in the first part of the season. But yes, I hope we have a good result."