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Mekies reveals: updates on Ferrari's in Monaco after all

Mekies reveals: updates on Ferrari's in Monaco after all

26 May - 21:44


Ferrari ended Friday in Monaco with second and third positions, within a sigh of number one Max Verstappen. That seems particularly well done given that the Italian team had chosen not to make any major updates until Barcelona, unlike Mercedes. But Ferrari' s race director now says that something has changed about the cars after all.

Laurent Mekies, Ferrari's race director, believes that this should not be dramatised, he told the press conference with F1 team members. The fact that a huge metamorphosis of the Ferrari was not chosen was partly prompted by the Monaco circuit. "We've brought here a high-downforce rear wing for the specificities of the layout, so it's more downforce for the very slow-speedcorners in which all the lap time will be done here.

Constant ongoing development

Moreover, the future AlphaTauri team boss revealed, Ferrari did make some updates. "We obviously have carried over the stuff that was planned to Imola to here, so there is actually quite a few small new things on the car. I think in terms of approach, Fred [Vasseur] has made very clear that we will go for the continuous improvement sort of approach, as opposed to betting everything on a given package or another one."

Still, Mekies confirms, the Ferrari looks a lot different in Barcelona than it did this weekend: "Yes, there is more substantial things that are coming to Barcelona, but I think in general it will be about trying to bring everything we can race in, and race out until the end of the season."

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