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'At this circuit, the other top teams could beat Red Bull'

'At this circuit, the other top teams could beat Red Bull'

08-05-2023 20:41 Last update: 09-05-2023 07:25

Cas van de Kleut

Red Bull Racing have been unbeatable so far this season. So for the other teams, it is mainly looking at a possible second place. Still, former Formula 1 driver Christijan Albers sees a chance for Mercedes, Ferrari or Aston Martin.

The five Grands Prix run so far in 2023 have been anything but surprising. The RB19 of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez is running incredibly fast. All five races were won, three of them by the Dutchman and the other two by his Mexican teammate. In qualifying, the teams were still close at times. At the Baku Grand Prix, for instance, Charles Leclerc took pole position during both the sprint shootout and normal qualifying. In both races, however, he was beaten by Sergio Perez.

Competition in Monaco?

Yet Christijan Albers sees opportunities for the other top teams, and at the legendary Monaco circuit, he told De Telegraaf Formula 1 podcast: "If Leclerc has his affairs in order in his head, he could well drive pole position in Monaco. He then has Alonso and maybe Mercedes as competitors. Those three sides I still see as contenders to beat Red Bull." The Monaco Grand Prix will be held on 28 May. Then we will see whether the other top teams really stand a chance, or whether Red Bull Racing is again the dominant team here.