MP Motorsport in Formula E? 'I miss the sound of the engine'

MP Motorsport in Formula E? 'I miss the sound of the engine'

24 January - 18:54

MP Motorsport is the most successful, Dutch team at the moment. Last year, the team led by owner Henk de Jong and team manager Sander Dorsman became champion in Formula 2. MP Motorsport is also active in Formula 3 and Formula 4.

MP Motorsport is growing on all sides. It raises the question whether there might be more racing classes the Dutch team would like to enter? Formula E, for example, a world championship that regularly admits new teams. "Formula E is a nice class," says Henk de Jong in conversation with GPblog. "You could just hear an engine in the background here (in the workshop). I miss that sound a lot then. Never say never, because maybe in ten years we'll all be driving electric. Who knows. We have already added a class, women we are going to do now, the F1 Academy. We are also going to compete in the Eurocup."


IndyCar is one of the strongest racing series in the world, in which the teams are all privately owned. You would say MP Motorsport could gain access to it relatively easily. " If we were really going to do IndyCar, you need to have a team that is really going to live in America, with specialists in that championship," responds Sander Dorsman. "The easiest thing is to underestimate that kind of championship. In Europe the level is very high, but in America it is SO specialised."

There is another reason for De Jong to skip IndyCar: "I like being able to touch the cars. Then you could say I should go and live in America. If you have a team there, you get there once or twice a year. It's such a far-off show. It has to remain fun for ourselves too. After all, it is a hobby that got out of hand and has now become a whole business. I do think it should remain tangible."

Dorsman adds: "We enter our championships because we want to win. If you go to IndyCar, you do it halfway. Yes, then you participate. But if you go, you have to go full steam ahead: have a workshop in America, live there. That's not obvious."

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