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De vries return to Formula E after studying at Harvard

De Vries could take a risk with move to F1: 'Could always return'

26 April at 13:30
  • Sophia Crothall

After just ten races in Formula 1, Nyck de Vries lost his seat at the then AlphaTauri. Suddenly with no future plans in the sport, De Vries decided to focus on studying at Harvard.

From school back in a cockpit

With a heartbroken departure from his very first Formula 1 season, the Dutchman went to Harvard to spend a semester on an executive programme on negotiation and leadership.

"I'm very glad I did it and I promised to go out on it, because frankly I haven't done any training," says De Vries. "I still have a broader interest in life and I enjoyed spending time on campus and being in a different, more intellectual environment for a while, learning from other people."

After his brief stint in Formula 1 and at Harvard, De Vries is back in the cockpit. This time in his familiar surroundings.

"I always knew that if it didn't work out in Formula 1, I had a great desire to return (to Formula E)," says the Dutchman. "The environment feels very familiar and like I'm coming home."

Unfortunately, the season in Formula E still resembles that of Formula 1. Nyck de Vries has not scored any points so far, but the driver is not worried. He points out that the team, Mahindra, is currently in transition and points out that on paper he has made the second most overtakes this season.