Webber compliments Vettel for career: 'I'm stoked he's in one piece'

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Webber on quitting Vettel in F1
5 January 2023 at 11:22
Last update 5 January 2023 at 12:02
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Mark Webber is bitter that Sebastian Vettel will no longer be seen in Formula 1 next season. The German decided to retire from the motorsport class in 2022, with Webber feeling that Vettel made this choice too early in his career.

Vettel belonged to the Aston Martin team for the past two racing years and frequently showed his qualities there. The driver finished 12th in the championship this season with 37 points, while his teammate Lance Stroll brought in less than half that number.

It therefore seemed possible for him to stay in Formula 1 for longer, but his gut told him he was ready for a life without the sport. As a result, Vettel experienced his last race weekend of his career in Abu Dhabi and saw Fernando Alonso take his place in 2023.

"I think he still drives very, very well," Webber complimented him in conversation with Speedcafe.com. The former Formula One driver therefore informed him that he could continue for longer. "I told him, 'I think that you got this a bit early', so we've had a bit of a laugh about that."

Compliments on Vettel's career

However, Webber respects his choice. "I'm stoked he's in one piece, he's had a great career. He was a juggernaut obviously in the early days and, on his day [more recently], he could still do some special stuff. [He's a] four-time World Champion, [which is] not to be sneezed at, and he'll be missed."