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Boundless hype in Las Vegas: Hotel asks one million for six tickets

Boundless hype in Las Vegas: Hotel asks one million for six tickets

09-12-2022 12:10 Last update: 13:22


The craziness surrounding the Las Vegas Grand Prix was already complete with exorbitant ticket prices over a year before the event takes place, but there seems to be no limit in sight yet around the Las Vegas F1 hype. The currently most expensive ticket package should cost one million dollars.

Las Vegas must surpass Miami

That things can go over the top in the United States was demonstrated back in 2022 with the Miami GP. Ticket prices were extremely high and the fan experience around the circuit seemed more important than the Grand Prix itself. With the hosting of the Las Vegas GP, Liberty Media and the FOM seem to have created a new madness. Even for the planned race in Las Vegas, ticket prices were extremely high and the craze does not seem to have stopped yet.

Liberty Media invested heavily in the event and expects the Las Vegas GP to establish a good foothold with Formula 1 in the US market. A plot of land was even purchased by the company for $240 million to have a permanent venue on the North American continent. To pay for the big show, ticket prices were kept quite high. For instance, regular standing tickets were sold out in 21 minutes for $500 each (these tickets offer three days of admission and include food and (non-alcoholic) drinks).

Madness in Las Vegas seems limitless

For seats, you have to put down between $2,000 and $2,500. If you want access to the hospitality on and around the paddock, a ticket costs between $8,000 and $10,000. But in the United States and especially in gambling paradise Las Vegas, nothing is too crazy. The Wynn Hotel is offering a package that would cost as much as one million dollars for the entire weekend.

For this price, the hotel offers five-star service to six people in a room of some 560 square metres, including three bedrooms, a gym and a billiard room. Guests are transported by private transport and are met with champagne and caviar. The package also includes an invitation to an exclusive opening ceremony of the GP weekend, VIP access anywhere on the circuit, accommodation at the Wynn Grid Club (a hotel facility within the already exclusive Paddock Club) and a host of other particularly luxurious activities and opportunities.

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