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Anger over Verstappen and Red Bull: what Mexican media write

Anger over Verstappen and Red Bull: what Mexican media write

21-11-2022 19:08 Last update: 19:42

While international media agreed that Charles Leclerc is the rightful number two of the season, in Mexican media, there is mostly anger about how 'their' Sergio Perez has been treated. Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing had to take the brunt of this.

The sports website Esto wrote: "Checo never had the help of Max Verstappen. He made two pit stops, perhaps with a poor strategy from the Austrian team, while Leclerc only stopped once. With that, the man from Guadalajara could not make it 1-2 for Red Bull in the drivers' championship." The medium added: "Despite everything, Checo had a great year, even with his team and teammate against him."

'Neither Red Bull nor Verstappen backed Perez'

The newspaper Diaro de Mexico is not too happy either, but at the same time praises Perez's best-ever F1 season. The newspaper calls Perez a "fundamental part in his teammate's championship win" and stresses that he had to support Verstappen at several races.

"In doing so, he jeopardised his own result. Now that he needed support himself, neither Red Bull nor Max did," the newspaper continued. "If he really gets the support of his team next year, he hopes to compete for the championship."

'Strategic mistake in Brazil'

The Mexican edition of ESPN stressed that even if Verstappen had let Perez pass, the Mexican would not have finished second in the championship. Still, Brazil was a mistake, the site found. There, the safety car came out and Red Bull did not get Perez to the pits.

"It was a strategic mistake by the team, which some say was caused by the situation. The truth is that Checo lost several positions and finished seventh, his worst result of the season."

'If Verstappen had not existed, Perez would be champion'

Sportingnews tried to make its readers feel good after all. In fact, the website had figured out what would have happened if Max Verstappen had not competed this year. Then Perez would have become champion, it calculated.

"If Max had not existed, the Mexican would have scored great victories and been on the podium in 16 out of 22 Grands Prix. That is to say, a solid championship campaign."

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