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'Horner control of Verstappen as the team principal in race'

'Horner control of Verstappen as the team principal in race'

17-11-2022 13:38 Last update: 15:38


Red Bull Racing faced a lot of commotion surrounding Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen in recent days. In the Brazilian Grand Prix, the Dutchman decided not to let his teammate past him, causing Perez to miss out on important points. Karun Chandhok and Damon Hill are curious to see what consequences this will have, they told Sky Sports.

After last weekend's race, Perez was furious in front of the media. The Mexican driver found it incomprehensible that he did not get any support from his teammate and was therefore quite annoyed. Although the driver has since calmed down, Chandhok and Hill think things could be different on the track.

"It would be interesting to hear from Horner and Marko to understand what conversations they had behind the scenes in the last five days to resolve the situation. When the helmet is on and they're wheel to wheel on track, then things could be a little bit different," Chandhok informed.

Hill feels sorry for Horner

According to Hill, the moment in Brazil was also painful for Horner. The team boss of the Austrian formation has a good relationship with both drivers, but did not manage to convince Verstappen to give up his spot to Perez.

"We saw a disagreement from Horner who was disappointed and he had to apologise to Perez," Hill stated. "He kind of lost control of Verstappen as the team principal in the race. Whether they have sorted it out, it may well be. We must not prejudge it. It looked tense there."