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Emotional farewell for Gasly: 'We share personal connections'

Emotional farewell for Gasly: 'We share personal connections'

17-11-2022 11:28

Pierre Gasly will drive his last race for AlphaTauri this weekend, after being part of the team for a long time. It has not quite dawned on him yet that he is swapping his regular crew for Alpine's next year, he reveals ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

"I don't think it's hit me yet. I have just been racing the same way, some clothes since the last five years, the same colours and the same people. My life hasn't changed in anyway so far. Probably different Sunday putting the race suit on for the last time," Gasly told media present including GPblog.

Emotional farewell for Gasly

So it has not quite dawned on Gasly that he will no longer be working with his regular crew next year. "After such a long time in a working relationship, I know most of the guys kids, wives and where they live. We share personal connections," the AlphaTauri driver continued. He adds that he has tried not to think too much about that side of the story yet.

He continued: "I am an emotional person and want to be focused until the end. It will definiately be a special race. Sunday night goodbyes will feel slightly different than usual but part of life and a career."

The farewell will be difficult for Gasly, but at the same time he is excited about the time ahead of him at Alpine. As things stand, the Frenchman is moving up considerably in terms of equipment. Either way, he wants to end the chapter on Sunday on a positive note. "Whatever happens won't change what we've achieved together," Gasly said.

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