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Marko explains: 'That's why we asked Perez to give Verstappen the place'

Marko explains: 'That's why we asked Perez to give Verstappen the place'

14-11-2022 12:23 Last update: 12:42


The talk of the day after the Brazilian Grand Prix is the internal understanding within Red Bull Racing. Helmut Marko argues that everything is back in order within the team after all things clearly went wrong at Interlagos.

With the drivers' and constructors' world titles already in its pocket, Red Bull Racing has only Sergio Perez's s second place to fight for. Never before has the Austrian racing stable finished first and second among drivers and that is now set as a goal. In Brazil, Max Verstappen did not help that by not obeying a team order.

Verstappen refuses team order

At P6 and P7, it was already not a successful race for the Red Bull team, but with a few laps to go, Verstappen was let past by Perez. A remarkable move considering Perez needed the points more, but Marko explains why that choice was made anyway.

''Max wanted to overtake (Fernando) Alonso and (Charles) Leclerc. That would have allowed him to take points away from Leclerc in the battle for the world title,'' Marko explained at Auto, Motor und Sport the predetermined plan. Perez was told over the board radio what the plan was and would get the spot back if Verstappen did not gain ground.

The Dutchman then stuck behind Alonso and was asked on the last lap to give the spot back to Perez. This Verstappen refused and after the race, he made it clear that he was not served by the request. Some glueing had to be done here and there at Red Bull, but now everything seems to be back in order: ''Max will do everything he can to help Perez to second place in the world championship in Abu Dhabi. That's our solution,'' Marko concludes.