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Coulthard notes: 'Verstappen is numb to the political side of F1'

Coulthard notes: 'Verstappen is numb to the political side of F1'

04-11-2022 13:00 Last update: 14:32


According to David Coulthard, Max Verstappen is numb to Formula 1 politics. The Dutchman managed to win three Grands Prix while the sport was busy with the budget cap saga surrounding Red Bull Racing.

Verstappen has kept his cool in recent weeks. Since the Singapore Grand Prix, rumours about Red Bull's budget cap breach had been circulating for weeks, but the Dutchman seemed unaffected by all the reports. In Japan, he won his second world title.

It is certainly not the first time Verstappen has been involved in a controversy he did not cause himself. In the 2021 Abu Dhabi season finale, the Red Bull driver won his first world title after Michael Masi's controversial decisions.

'Verstappen is focused on what he has to do'

Speaking to Channel 4, Coulthard stresses that Verstappen just shrugs his shoulders at news like this. "I think Max is just so focused on what he has to do. He’s just numb to the political side. Of course, he feels for his team, they’re taking a financial hit. He’s earning significant money, if he feels really bad he can can help fund the team for that."

The former F1 driver thinks there will always be background noise in F1. "It doesn’t matter whether it’s [Michael] Schumacher era or [Lewis] Hamilton’s and some of his amazing victories, there’s always going to be a little bit of controversy.” Red Bull has received a fine of seven million dollars for the budget cap violation. The team will also receive a ten per cent reduction in wind tunnel time.