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Understanding of Horner's anger: 'It has caused damage to Red Bull's image'

Understanding of Horner's anger: 'It has caused damage to Red Bull's image'

01-11-2022 14:30 Last update: 15:02


The FIA announced before the Mexico Grand Prix that Red Bull Racing will receive a hefty fine and a reduction in wind tunnel time as punishment for exceeding the budget cap. According to Ralf Schumacher, however, the damage to the team's image caused by the rumours is even worse.

Since the Singapore Grand Prix, rumours about Red Bull's budget cap breach have been circulating for weeks. Christian Horner was furious about all the accusations from the competition. According to the team boss, even employees' children were bullied in the playground because of the rumours.

At Sky Germany, Ralf Schumacher talks about the damage to the team's image. The German understands the Red Bull team boss's anger. "All the rumours were not good for Red Bull, so I understand Christian Horner's anger. It has caused damage to their image."

Red Bull cannot make any more mistakes

Red Bull must pay seven million dollars for the offence and it will also have to surrender wind tunnel time over the next twelve months. According to Schumacher, this is certainly a large sum of money, although for a top team like Red Bull, paying the fine is no problem. "Many people in the paddock laugh about it. Then there is the development: the next two cars will be affected."

Colleague Timo Glock adds: "You have to think about every step you are going to take in the wind tunnel and simulations. You can't afford to make a mistake because you have less to work with. That's the challenge for Red Bull." The coming months, but especially 2024, will show how hard Red Bull has been hit by the reduction in wind tunnel time.