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Concerns for Ferrari: 'I wonder what the development path is'

Concerns for Ferrari: 'I wonder what the development path is'

01-11-2022 08:40 Last update: 11:11


Paul di Resta has his question marks over Ferrari's development. The team has barely been winning since the summer break and that does not bode well for 2023.

Ferrari got off to a rocket start in 2022. The Italian racing team won two of the first three races and had built the fastest car, especially on Saturday, with the F1-75. Before the summer, however, several races were lost due to reliability problems and strategic blunders. After the summer, Ferrari did not appear in the play at all.

What is Ferrari up to?

''I fear for Ferrari because since July, they've not really been in with a chance to win a race. They're out of it and Mercedes have caught them. Mercedes have overtaken them on a Sunday. On a Saturday, I think they can still pull it out, but I fear where the Ferrari development path is going,'' Di Rest said at Sky Sports.

Ferrari's last victory dates back to July, when Charles Leclerc won the Austrian Grand Prix. After the summer break, Ferrari did start from pole four more times, but no wins.

That development is of particular concern for 2023. Indeed, compared to the competition, the F1-75 is getting worse and worse, so something has to change for 2023. Only if Ferrari has quickly abandoned this season's development to set its sights on 2023 can the decline be explained, otherwise the Tifosi could be in for a nasty surprise next year.