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Chance of a rain race during the Mexico Grand Prix

Chance of a rain race during the Mexico Grand Prix

24-10-2022 14:23 Last update: 15:13

After a sunny race weekend in Austin, the Mexico Grand Prix could be slipping and sliding. Indeed, predicts rain on Saturday and Sunday.

Rain showers regularly hang over Mexico City in the run-up to the Grand Prix weekend in Mexico. On Wednesday and Thursday, there are already thunderstorms and rain showers in the afternoon hours. Thus, the chance of rain is 52 per cent on Wednesday and 46 per cent on Thursday. When the race weekend starts on Friday, it will dry up slightly.

Rain in Mexico

On the first day of the race weekend, it will be a maximum of 27 degrees and mostly sunny, according to However, there is still a 23 per cent chance of rain on the day of the first and second free practice sessions. That chance increases to 50 per cent on Saturday. Thunderstorms are also expected in the afternoon that day and temperatures drop to 25 degrees.

The temperature looks set to remain the same for the Grand Prix on Sunday, but the chance of rain decreases to 31 per cent. Still, the medium does indicate that the sun disappears completely behind the clouds and rain would fall in the afternoon. The race will also be held at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in the afternoon, so there is a chance of a rainy race this weekend.