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Wolff saw Masi 'freestyle': 'The guy did something completely different'

Wolff saw Masi 'freestyle': 'The guy did something completely different'

15-10-2022 18:43 Last update: 19:38


The Italian Grand Prix evoked memories for Toto Wolff. Whereas in Abu Dhabi last year the green flag was waved for one lap, the race in Monza ended in an anticlimax behind the safety car. In a way, Wolff thinks this is a good thing, as it tells the Mercedes team boss that the FIA is following the regulations to the letter. He cannot say the same about Michael Masi's decision in the final race of 2021, however.

"Without wanting to sound like a broken record: Abu Dhabi last year, we knew the regulations," Wolff began in an interview with Channel 4. According to the Mercedes team boss, the regulations could have led to two scenarios: a late restart after all the stragglers had overtaken the field, or the race would end behind the safety car. "That is what the regulations book said. And the guy decided to do something completely different, and that was never seen before," he added.

Wolff: 'Masi was freestyling'

"Now what I've seen in Monza, in a way was a good sign because the regulations were applied to the dot," continued Wolff, who is as fierce as ever in his opinion that Masi changed the outcome of the championship in 2021 by his desire to put on a spectacle. "You can't change an outcome of the race by just starting to freestyle to put on the best show," said the Mercedes boss.

Wolff said he does want to be the last to see a race end behind the safety car, but at the same time stresses that the rules should allow for that. "We want a spectacular last lap or few laps. And I think I would be the first one to vote in favour of regulations that say: if a race is being stopped five or ten laps before the end, let's go for it and restart," said Wolff, who hopes a solution can be found that prevents a finish behind the safety car.