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Two-time champion Verstappen already back in action at Imola

Two-time champion Verstappen already back in action at Imola

12-10-2022 12:44 Last update: 13:41


Immediately after capturing his second world title in Japan, Max Verstappen announced to the media that he would fly home and get some rest. Indeed, the Dutchman flew to his home in Monaco barely a few hours after the finish flag. But taking a rest? No, not that.

Mid-morning, Verstappen arrived by helicopter in Imola, Italy, where Red Bull Racing hired the track for a promotional film. David Coulthard was also present. The Scot drove his laps in the 2013 RB09 in the early hours. Besides this F1 car, visitors to the circuit also discovered a Porsche, a Lamborghini and a Honda sports car.

No rest

Barely a day after his return to Monaco, he was already back to work. For Verstappen, there is apparently no rest. Why Red Bull are putting him back to work at this very moment? The circuit had reportedly been hired months ago, reports the local newspaper il Resto di Carlino. Long before there was any talk of a possible world title in Japan.

What exactly Red Bull are up to is, of course, the big question. The team are now famous for their spectacular videos. No doubt we will soon see the result.

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