Steiner sees Schumacher crash: 'It's quite frustrating'

Steiner sees Schumacher crash: 'It's quite frustrating'

7 October - 10:45 Last update: 11:27

Mick Schumacher was on his way back to his team after the end of the first free practice session when he lost control of his Haas F1 car. The result was a nice crash, which meant his chassis had to be replaced and he was unable to return to action in FP2. Guenther Steiner has since responded to the incident.

“It’s disappointing because we just went out to do a race start so we get data for Sunday and then on the way in from the race start Mick crashed the car, aquaplaned and crashed into the barrier and damaged the car quite heavily," Steiner told F1 TV.

Sure thing at Haas F1

According to the team boss, not only is the entire front end in tatters, but also the entire chassis needs to be replaced. This is because the racing stable is not sure if there is no crack in it and they do not want to take a risk. "It’s the third time now that we have potential chassis damage. I say potential because we need to X-ray it and see if it is cracked or not. But it is quite frustrating.”

Previously, Schumacher's chassis had to be completely replaced after crashes in Jeddah and Monaco over the weekend. For the 23-year-old driver, the crash does not come at a good time. The German is not yet sure of a contract extension at the American racing stable, so he needs some good results in the coming weeks to secure another year of Formula 1. This is definitely not helping that.

Schumacher's crash in Japan

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