Legendary rain race coming up in Japan: Verstappen has been warned

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6 October at 08:35
Last update 6 October at 08:37
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Rain seems to be a major factor during the Grand Prix weekend in Japan. According to Weather.com the chance of rain during two days in the race weekend is huge.

After a two-year absence, Formula 1 returns to Japan in 2022. At the famous Suzuka Circuit, Max Verstappen has a chance to win his second world title. The Dutchman will probably have to do so in difficult conditions, though, as bad weather is forecast on and around the circuit on Friday and Sunday.

Rain in Japan

On Friday, there is a 100 per cent chance of rain in Suzuka, according to Weather.com. In addition, it will only be a maximum of 17 degrees, which means a period without rain does not necessarily mean the track will also be dry. That will not be the case again until Saturday. Then the temperature rises to 24 degrees, it is partly cloudy and the chance of rain is only six per cent.

On Sunday, the day of the race, however, the tide turns completely again. According to the medium, the temperature will only max out at 22 degrees on Sunday, there will be mostly showers in the afternoon and a 73 per cent chance of rain. So a great chance for a legendary rain race at Suzuka.