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Perez relieved after win in Singapore: 'Been through a rough patch'

Perez relieved after win in Singapore: 'Been through a rough patch'

6 October - 08:11 Last update: 08:35


Sergio Perez could not believe his luck after his victory in Singapore. The Mexican climbed the top step of the podium for the second time this season, but he had to fight hard to do so.

Perez started 2022 very strongly. The new RB18 seemed to suit the 32-year-old driver and, as a result, the gap with Max Verstappen was a lot smaller. Victory in Monaco was the crowning glory of his good start, but after that, he lost momentum. Verstappen increasingly took control of the RB18, while Perez struggled more with the new developments.

Tough period for Perez

''I have been through a rough patch, quietly working really hard. Took the chance, the two week break, to work really hard with my engineers. I was pretty much in contact every day, sending emails backwards and forwards. I was at the factory. Determined to get back to my performance, we managed to get to the bottom of a few things,'' Perez told Sky Sports.

The victory in Singapore was a nice reward for Perez, who now hopes to continue the line. ''I hope we can finish the season on a high and get back to the performance at the beginning of the season. A rough patch but it's nice to come back out of it.''

Perez still has a shot at the world title on paper, but that will most likely be secured by his teammate this weekend. Along with Verstappen, Perez is also still chasing the world title among constructors. Red Bull Racing is first in the standings with a wide margin of 137 points over Ferrari.

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