Leclerc saw dominant Verstappen in Belgium: 'Hopefully learned from Spa'

Leclerc saw dominant Verstappen in Belgium: 'Hopefully learned from Spa'

6 October - 06:35 Last update: 07:53

Prior to the Singapore Grand Prix,Charles Leclerc seemed to have the best chances to take home victory, but in the end he was outclassed by Sergio Perez. The Ferrari driver is hoping for revenge in Japan, stating that the start, in particular, must and will be better.

There was no driving at Suzuka for the past two years due to the coronavirus. Like Max Verstappen, Leclerc is happy to return. "All the drivers love the first sector. It's so high speed. If you miss one then you miss them all," said the Monegasque in the press conference, broadcast by Sky Sports.

Leclerc expects fast Red Bull

The F1-75 is a competitive car, yet we have to go way back for the Italian formation's last victory. On 10 July, Leclerc himself won in Austria. "We have a car that has been solid on every track. It's a track that you run similar to Spa. Red Bull will be quick here, but hopefully we've learnt from Spa and will be better here."

Qualifying is not an issue, as out of 17 GPs he was allowed to start no fewer than nine on pole position. Leclerc: "As I said before Singapore we need to focus more on the Sunday. We need to put everything together strategy, tyre tyres and the performance in the remaining races to get better preparation to challenge for the championship next year."

Moderate starts

A thorny issue then is the starts. In recent weeks, Ferrari seems to be struggling a bit here, but the current world championship number two thinks it will have to start better at Suzuka. "I'm confident that the starts will be better here", he concludes his story.

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